Hello, All!

We are going to attempt to reinstitute in-person Holy Communion and Noisy Offering (and, thus, an additional option for giving regular offering) in a way that abides by current gathering restrictions (and as a control, I will be the only one handling the bread [store-bought] and the wine for communion).

Starting this Sunday, May 10th and beyond, we will have a “drive-thru” communion reception and offering drop (simultaneously) following the online portion of worship.

I will conclude the online portion with the Words of Institution and an invitation to Holy Communion. When the online/Facebook Live portion of worship is ‘over’, Holy Communion and the offering drop will be available from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. outside, in the north parking lot.

We will have tables set up on the far north sidewalk of our church building (near the north entrance of the fellowship hall). The bread and wine table will be “socially distanced” from the table with the Noisy Offering buckets and offering plates.

The idea will be that a natural flowing line of cars forms in the parking lot entering from HWY 114, and when it is your turn, you’ll continue to drive up alongside the communion table, you’ll receive the bread and the wine/grape juice, receive a post-communion blessing, and then either depart out the alley to the north or south; OR, if you so choose, pull further up alongside the offering table and drop your Noisy Offering and/or regular offering in the buckets and plates, and then depart out the alley

I will sanitize the stations, as well as my hands as often as necessary, and I will also wear a mask (this is not required of you all – as even if you were to get out of your car for offering, it will be sufficiently socially distanced from any others present).

Again, Holy Communion and the offering drop will be available from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. on Sundays (or until an active line has ceased).

I am sure we will have a few kinks to work out at first, but hopefully this is simple enough where we won’t have to make too many adjustments. We’ll have to be patient with working it out smoothly, but I am so excited at the gift of being able to enter into the Lord’s Supper with you all again, even if in this way.

*If there are people whom you know will be unaware of this option because they don’t receive emails, are not on Facebook, and are unlikely to check our website, PLEASE REACH OUT TO THEM and let them know the details.

*We will try to do this ‘rain or shine’—it just might take a little longer if there is some uncooperative weather!

Most importantly, ALL ARE WELCOME to receive the physical signs of God’s love and grace through the bread and the wine.


Pr. Joe

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