The Trial of Jesus from a Lawyer’s Perspective on Wednesday, April 10

During the Wednesday, April 10 Lenten service, we will be treated to guest speaker Tim Godfrey’s The Trial of Jesus from a Lawyer’s Perspective.

This presentation focuses on the trial of Jesus at the hands of the religious and civil authorities in Jerusalem. It draws upon the narrative of scripture, from a legal perspective, including an examination of Jewish and Roman law, as well as our own justice system.
“It hopes to explore how we perceive the proceedings through our modern lens,” said Godfrey, “as well as how Jesus of Nazareth’s comtemporaries may have understood what transpired prior to his death and resurrection.”
This presentation was initially developed by a former mayor of St. Paul, then continued and enhanced by Godfrey’s father, Hon. Otis H. Godfrey, Jr., who served as a judge in Ramsey County.
“He gave this speech, often during Lent, for nearly 30 years,” said Godfrey. “I recently modified and updated my father’s notes, and have presented my version of this program for the past two Lenten seasons.”
Godfrey is an attorney who has been practicing law in Minnesota for 32 years. Born and raised in St. Paul, he is a 1983 graduate of Carleton College in Northfield and a 1987 graduate of William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul.
Currently working for Wolters Kluwer, with offices in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, Godfrey previously had a private practice in St. Paul as Godfrey Law Offices for 25 years.
He is a long-time member of House of Hope Presbyterian Church in St. Paul, where he currently serves as an elder of the church and has served as a deacon. He is also a Mason and a long-time member of Ancient Landmark Lodge No. 5 in St. Paul. He’s also enjoys working as a volunteer youth athletics coach in hockey, baseball and soccer for the past 24 years.

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